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When is it Going to be Done? | September 1, 2010

When is it going to be done?    When people ask me that I have pat answers depending on my mood.  “I am not focusing on the completion only on the process.”   Or, “In about a year,” Or, “It will never be done.”  The real question is when will it start?!  We are still waiting on the city permits.  It is a big remodel and they are doing due diligence, but really. Let’s get going already!

We haven’t been idle during this time.  We have been getting Sam’s room organized so we can move in there.  That sounds easy enough, but then you probably have never seen Sam’s room.   Sam is an artistic guy and about six years ago he asked us if he could paint his room like a Jackson Pollock painting.  Tim and I didn’t want to thwart his creativity so we gave him the go ahead.  We knew it would be a hassle to fix, but we figured we would deal with that later.  After all, that room could be completely torn down during the dream remodel.  So, Sam and his friend Zach spent an entire Saturday afternoon taking every color of paint possible and throwing it against the walls.  When they were finished there was paint everywhere. Paint on the walls, the fan, the stepstool, everywhere.  It looked like a crime scene.  They had a blast, we were aghast! Oh well, we said, we’ll deal with the mess when the time comes.

Well the time has come, and wouldn’t you know that the only interior walls that will not be torn down in the remodel are in Sam’s room.  We were faced with taming the paint spatters, some as large as 1/4 inch off of the wall.  After much consultation with Home Depot guys and other paint professionals we decided the best course of action was to scrape the largest drips off, re-mud the drywall, prime, and paint the walls.  It took several days of hard labor and serious cussing, but we finally finished the project.  While I was scraping and Tim was mudding the walls, the refrain from Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville kept running through my head with the words slightly changed:

Some people claim that

Jackson Pollock’s to blame

But I know, it’s my own damn fault.

Now it is all said and done.

I know that when Joey comes to us with some interesting way to decorate his room we will so completely  thwart his creativity!  All he gets are white walls!  damnit!


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