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Christmas Deconstructed | January 13, 2011

It is amazing how quickly you can get used to things.  Things like having no walls or warmth, or having plywood covered trenches bisecting your house.  You just make do and move on, that is until you get a little distance on the situation.

December was pretty much a bust when it comes to progress on our project.  We came to grips with the need to replace the cast iron waste pipe in mid December.  Soon after, Tim and his buddies cut yet another channel in the foundation from one side of the house to the other and proceeded to excavate the area where the pipes are to go.

Then it started to rain and rain and rain.  “Oh Mr. Noah, can I ride in the ark of the Lord?” On December 22nd, our anniversary, we woke to canals filled with dirty rain water that leached into the trenches. The house was an island surrounded by water in the front and backyards.

It was just like being in Venice except without the fabulous art, architecture, and food.  Okay, it really wasn’t like Venice at all. It was just cold and damp.  It took Tim several hours to scoop out all of the water.

In spite of that we got a Christmas tree and tried to get in the holly, jolly mood.  Corrina and Sam came into town December 22nd and 23rd respectively.

The space Tim, Joey, and I have been living in seemed really crowded with two more adults in the mix.  We decided that a little rain and a torn up kitchen would not stop us from having a nice Christmas Eve, so we decided to have caviar and Champagne and make Duck a la Orange using Julia Child’s classic recipe.  We set the table, put on our party hats and had a great time.

Fortunately we spent the following week house sitting our good friends’ beautiful home in the hills.  I remembered the sheer joy of walls and heat.  It was like being on vacation far away from home even though we were just up the street from our house.  After living with such common luxuries, coming back home was quite a letdown.  It took me a couple of cranky days to get back used to living in our construction site again.  I tried to be grateful that our situation was temporary, thinking about those who were homeless or in homes without heat or running water.  The operative word in the last sentence was “tried.”  I didn’t quite get to grateful…

Now, we are back at it.  After the low ebb of project energy, Tim, Ed the Plumber, and Chad put in the new waste pipe.  It is amazing how quickly a professional plumber can put everything together and how beautiful it looks.

We had our first inspection which was a success.  What a relief! From here on out we are building up, step by step, to the second floor.


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  1. Teresa, It’s amazing how you can take a situation that would reduce most people to thumb sucking in the fetal position and put your typical bright twist and cheery twist to it.

    Comment by Shannon Lienhart — January 13, 2011 @ 11:03 am

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